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Three 3GB Data Sim

By threesimdataTags Three 12GB Data Sim,three 12gb data preloaded sim card,3 data sim 12gb,Three 3GB Data Sim,Three 1GB Data Sim,3 Data Sim,3 data sim card,3 preloaded data sim,3 network data sim,12 month preloaded data sim,preloaded data sim for ipad,three sim data,three data sim cardDate Added 14/06/2017Views 17Flag as inappropriate

Three 3GB Data Sim began a limited rollout of 4G LTE services in December 2013 in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading expanding to over a further 450 locations by the end of 2014. In August 2012 Three was given permission to use part of the 1,800 MHz spectrum used by EE's 4G network. On 20 February 2013 Ofcom announced that Three had been awarded 2 x 5 MHz of 800 MHz to use for its 4G rollout. 

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